Our years of intensive focus on specialized areas of R&D activities have fostered new knowledge and leading-edge technologies that contribute to the advancement of the globally niched domain expertise in high precision 2-axis digital leveling measurement. Apart from knowledge disclosed in the form of intellectual property, we continue to disseminate our knowledge base in various avenues such as technical paper, international journals, seminar and conferences.

The following are samples of documents for user references. Digi-Pas® maintains copies of technical papers/reports, journals, conference papers, seminar/lecture presentations documents, which kept available upon request by the related parties and authorities.

These documents may be obtained from respective journal publication or upon request by filling the form on "Contact Us" and subject to terms and conditions stated herein.

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» Compensating Cross-Axis Error in 2-axis MEMS angular measuring device: A comparative study with Pendulum-inductive, Pendulum-capacity and Servo-driven angular measuring instruments.*Mr. Simon Moe
Mr. Kuu Bi Yong;
Dr. Li Hui Hong J.K.
» Characterizing and testing of 2-axis ultra-high precision digital levelling and wide-range angular measurement.*Mr. Kuu Bi Yong;
Dr. Li Hui Hong J.K.
» Thermocompensated SuperMEMS sensor module for 2-axis precision digital levelling for operating in wide-temperature range environment.*Mr. Kuu Bi Yong;
Dr. Li Hui Hong J.K.
» A Comparative Study on Testing of Wide-Range Angles Precision 2-axis Digital Angular Measuring Instrument.Dr. Li Hui Hong J.K.;
Mr. Kuu Bi Yong;
Ms. J.H.Lau
» The implication of Swash Error to calibration system uncertainty when testing high accuracy inclinometer utilizing MEMS technology.*Mr. Kuu Bi Yong;
Dr. Li Hui Hong J.K.
» Quantifying cross-axis error in wide-range angles and high precision digital levelling instrument utilizing ultrahigh precision nanotech turning machine.*Mr. Kuu Bi Yong;
Dr. Li Hui Hong J.K.
TitleDownloadAuthor(S)LanguageFile SizeDate
» Transformative Innovation: Transforming Commodity to High-Value, Radically-differentiated Innovative New Products. International Asia Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management Innovation, 2016Dr. Li Hui-Hong J.K.;
Prof. Kim Hua Tan
» Rapid production ramp-up capability: a collaborative supply network perspective International Journal of Production Research Volume 52, Issue 10, 2014, pages 2999-30Dr. Li Hui-Hong J.K.;
Dr. Shi, Y.J.;
Prof. Gregory, M.J.;
Prof. Kim Hua Tan
» Sustaining Growth in Electronic Manufacturing Sector - Lesson from Japanese Midsized EMS Providers International Journal of Production Research Vol.49, No.18, 2011, pp. 5415-5430Dr. Li Hui Hong J.K.;
Prof. Kim Hua Tan;
Mr. Atsunori Hida
» A Supplier Perspective on Rapid New Product Volume Ramp-Up Manufacturing StrategyIEEE Engineering Management Conference Proceedings, Volume 1, 2004, p. 324 - 327Dr. Li Hui Hong J.K.;
Dr. Shi, Y.J.;
Prof. Gregory, M.J.
» SMEs Business Growth Model - A Medium to Big Effort International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development, Vol. 1, No. 3, 2004, pp.195 - 207Dr. Li Hui Hong J.K.;
Prof. Kim Hua Tan
» Modelling of recording system performance and its relationship to recording media propertiesJournal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Volume 120, Issue 1-3, 1993, p. 206-209Dr. Li Hui Hong J.K.;
Prof. B.K. Middleton
Dr. J.J. Miles
May 16, 2014 Dr. Jim Li was invited to the IfM Buns Talk at Institute for Manufacturing, Department of Engineering, Cambridge University, UK. He presented a talk entitled "Creating New Products and Business with New Technology".
May 09, 2014 Dr. Jim Li presented a talk at Control Forum 2014, Stuttgart, Germany entitled "Digi-Pas® 2-axis Ultra-Precision Digital Level: An Effective Solution to Optimize CNC Machine Accuracy & Speed Performance".
Aug 23, 2011 Dr. Jim Li presented a talk at Control China Forum 2011 entitled "Disruptive innovation: Deployment of Dual-Axis Digital Level in Precision CNC Machinery".