Screw On Digital Level Module - Model: DWL-180

The DWL-180 modules having a resolution of 0.05° & alternate zero feature are designed for extreme convenience purposes to be screwed onto Traditional I-Beam Spirits Levels and to INSTANTLY convert these I-Beam Spirit levels to accurate digital levels.

These modules can SCREW ON to any surface including machine, work piece, equipment or on various length & width of I-Beam spirit levels.

Once screw onto an I-Beam Spirit Level, simply proceed to perform a 'User Self-Calibration' function. The intelligent MEMS sensor automatically detects & aligns the base of the spirit level and turns it becomes a precision digital level.

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Measuring Range from 0° ~ 90°; 4 x 90° (360°)
Resolution of 0.05° (1.0 mm/M)
Accuracy of ±0.05° at 0° & 90°
±0.2° at 1° ~ 89°
Screw on design
Alternate Zero feature
Digital display of angle in °(Degree), %(slope), mm/M, In/Ft
Auto-reverse reading of LCD display
2 X CR2032 3V cell batteries
Buzzer sound


Digital Display for all Angle
Precise, speedy & reliable measurements
High accuracy can be maintained by user. Simply self-calibrate the module whenever needed.
Enable user great convenient to INSTANTLY convert Spirit Level to Digital Level.
Can SECURELY screw to any Level especially the I-Beam type of Spirit Level.
Audible sound can assist user to simply hear sound when levelling reached.

Technical Dimension



The DWL-180S series module is designed for handy and users convenient in mind.


Can easily attach the DWL 180S Module to any I-Beam type of Spirit Level, any machine, work piece or equipment.


Able to SCREW ON to various length & width of standard Spirit Levels commonly available.


Easy self calibration feature allows user to reset the digital level back to factory preset accuracy.


Allow user to read upright digital readings even when the level position is up-side down.


Measuring resolution of 0.05° with Accuracy ±0.05° at 0° & 90°; ±0.2° at 1° to 89°


Measuring range 0° ~ 90°; 4 x 90°(360°)


Instantly convert measurement unit from °(Degree) to %slope, mm/M & In/Ft at any angle.


Set reference angle at any desire measurement angle.


Digi-Pas® DWL-180 Digital Inclinometer Module is used for guiding robotic arm grip and placement of work-piece precisely when feeding work-pieces into CNC machines. Its flat mounting surface contact is perfectly designed for fitting directly onto the gripper arm of 6-axis robot arm handling system.

The inclinometer is mounted under-slung to the Kalkhoff's bicycle cross bar. The unit is bolted to a backing plate, with the front bolt in a curved slot to allow setting the unit to zero while on a pre-checked level surface to establish an elevation profile of tracks.

Digi-Pas® DWL-180S is used by professional roof contractor for speeding and completing quality site-works. Digital numeric display and able to read from a distance eases the difficulty of spending large amount of time and efforts to be close to the bubble / vials for reading on conventional spirit level.

Digi-Pas® DWL-180S Digital Level can be used by DIY enthusiast for laying wallpaper, large picture frame and aligning my satellite dish.

Digi-Pas® DWL-180S is used for getting accurate readings on window frames installation.

Digi-Pas® DWL-180S is used for getting accurate readings on door frames installation.

Digi-Pas® DWL-180S is used for getting accurate readings on tilted solar Modules installation and inspections

Digi-Pas® DWL-180S is small in size, light weight, precise, with buzzer sound. It is increasingly unnecessary to have a long level all the time to get the angle or slope on-site.

Digi-Pas® DWL-180S is used for erecting steel-beam structures.

Digi-Pas® DWL-180S is used for drainage piping installation.

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